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    Kaizen is a Japanese concept of achieving a radical change by many small improvements in a continuous manner. By adopting kaizen culture at home, surrounding, schools, colleges and at workplaces for any life situations, we can make the difference and achieve sustainable development.

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    Getting more by spending less. Improving resources efficiency and improving process outcomes will help you to get more with less. Adopting Kaizen continuous improvement methods train your minds for getting more with less. With engagement for sustainability consideration, Green Kaizen Network encourages users to improve efficiency of material resources and natural resources as well.

  • MAKE IT HAPPEN - Plan, Do, Check, Analyse


    Instead of setting a large target to be achieved in one improvement, rather plan a small improvement with a measurable and achievable target based on the outcome of this improvement and experience, plan for the next improvement. Green Kaizen Network guides users through this PDCA cycles till desired results are obtained.

Winners do not do different things. They do things differently
Conventional methods of thinking, learning and doing things will lead conventional success. For achieving more with less resources and in less time, then different methods of thinking, learning and doing things will have to adopted. Learning by sharing is the mantra to avoid inventing wheel again and again. Green Kaizen Network is your perfect companion for this.

Green Kaizen Network provide a frame work and roadmap with enabling learning to change the way we think, we learn and we do our tasks and achieve outstanding results.

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Our Initiatives

Collaboration and Learning by sharing
Collaboration and Learning by sharing

No need to invent wheel every time, we can easily adopt solutions implemented by others in similar situations. Continuous improvement collaboration platform enables users to share their improvements and learn from improvements shared by others. Replicate improvements where ever feasible for quick results.

Awareness and Engagement for Sustainability
Awareness and Engagement for Sustainability

Success today can be only with sustainability considerations. Sustainability considerations have became primary consideration. Knowledge base and daily feed of sustainability related multiple choice questions are provided to force users to think and adopt these considerations in daily routine.

Development of Problem Solving Mindset
Development of Problem Solving Mindset

Get involved and remain engaged on the continuous improvement journey. Green kaizen net provides a frame work with road map for adopting this Kaizen continuous improvement culture. This methodology can be adopted for any life situations and radical results can be obtained by multiple small improvements

Self learning, Not teaching - e learning
Self learning, Not teaching - e learning

Modern day enabling methods rely on learning and not on teaching. Self learning can be boundless. "The Kaizen Way" e learning program provided on achieving excellence in life using kaizen continuous improvement method. Children and youth can accelerate progress if they gain knowledge on their own rather than waiting for someone to teach.

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